About Me

Carrie Fisher

Name: Carrie Fisher
Occupation: Fashion Student/ Beauty Addict
Location: West Sussex, UK
Eye Colour: Brown
Complexion: Fair/Medium
Skin Type: Dehydrated/sensitive – My skin is quite stubborn and hard to care for as it’s oily and dry in EXACTLY the same places due to being so dehydrated. It’s also quite prone to breakouts. So basically it’s a complete pain in the backside!
Natural Hair Colour: Mousey Brown/Blonde
Current Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown (chemically dyed)
Hair Type: Very long, Normal/dry, but there’s not a lot of it so I doesn’t get much volume 🙁 Its very heavy, flat and porous (it takes an age to dry!), and is determined to do its own thing i.e not what i want it to!
The Camera I Use: As of 14/02/2012  I use mostly the Nikon Coolpix P500, with a few shots also taken with my iphone 4s.
Any photo’s taken before that date were taken using my iPhone 3gs

I’ve always been obsessed with make-up since I was little, and played around with it at any chance I got. 

I’m working towards a career as a Fashion Designer, but make-up and skin care will always be an obsession for me!
When I hit my teens I suffered with really bad skin which really lowered my confidence, and I wish that back then I knew the same about skincare as I do right now, as I know I would have never had to go through that awkwardness. I guess its that thats caused me to constantly search for new skincare products to find stuff that really works. As a result of my previously troubled skin I have some pesky scarring left that I’m desperate to get rid of!
To add to it I also have very stubborn hair! So anything that works for me will work for anyone, so will definitely be posting up hair tips every now and again too!

I have quite sensitive/eczema-like skin on my legs (as well as a sensitive face), and so have started turning more and more to natural DIY products instead, so you will find a lot of those kinds of posts appearing on here as I try them out (see my ‘Natural Beauty’ page for an up-to-date list of DIY posts).
I hope to help others by showing tips and tricks I’ve learnt from either experience or from watching other youtubers at work. I will always give my honest opinion on pruducts I’ve tried and tested.
*When people review products its based on how they PERSONALLY found the product. So somebody with one skin type could be loving a product that you found to be rubbish for YOUR skin type. So I’ve included my personal profile above so you can judge the reviews I write properly*
If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my contact page, 
I would love to hear from you 🙂