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Bedroom Inspiration

One of my new years resolution was to be a bit more organised with my room and try and get rid of some clutter. But I’ve decided thats not enough, so instead Im going to have a complete overhaul of my room!

My room worked well for me whilst I was at uni – I had all of my work, stationary and design supplies there, plus (obviously) my clothes, makeup etc. But its become so cluttered and so full of stuff that I don’t really like to spend time in my room, and the way it is just encourages more clutter.

Now Im no longer at university I want a clean, pretty and spacious bedroom. I’m planning on redecorating it, getting rid of old furniture for new, and completely changing the layout.
The annoying thing is that I’ve realised at least 75% of the stuff in my room needs to go.

I thought I’d share some images that are inspiring the design for my new room:

Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration

I’ve already bought a double bed (finally! No more being cramped up in a single) and a few bits and bobs to go around my room.
The only problem is I’ve realised for the double bed I obviously need a new mattress, duvet, covers etc!
Whilst Im in the process of changing everything around I’ll be posting regular updates of things I find, and keep you updated on the progress.
In the meantime you can see more on my Pinterest board as I’m always updating it with images that inspire me.
If you have any links to bedroom inspiration, or similar posts you’ve written, I’d love to see!

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