Fitness February
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Fitness February

Fitness February

After dedicating January to getting organised, February is going to be the month where I’ll be focussing on fitness and becoming more active.

After years of failing at keeping my resolutions, I’ve realised that changing everything all at once is just going to lead failure. This is why I’ve decided to focus on one thing per month, hopefully this will lead to things becoming a habit, not a chore.

Fitness February

I really do need to focus on fitness asap because I just eat rubbish all the time, and spend most of my day sat down. The only time I’m ‘active’ is walking to and from my car, and walking to and from town on my lunch break. Seriously pathetic, I know. I can feel myself slowly turning to jelly, it’s not cool.

The trouble is, when I get back from work in the evenings, I know that as soon as my backside hits the sofa I’ll be stuck there for the rest of the night. I have no willpower from that point to get up or do anything.

I need to be more proactive with my time and plan workout sessions. I do have exercise equipment at home, as well as workout dvd’s. Plus Youtube has a tonne of fitness videos, so there’s really no excuse for not doing anything.
So my goal for this month is to fit in one session of exercise a day – even just 15 minutes on my Yoga app will be better than being a couch potato!

Fitness February

By the way I really like this Yoga app. I have it on my Macbook, but you can also get it on the iPhone/iPad and the Android market too! I would definitely recommend downloading the free version and seeing how you get on with it.

Feel free to join me on my mission to get fit – It would be great to know Im not suffering alone have some moral support!
How are your resolutions going so far?

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